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How to Remove Bleach Stains

Bleach stains on clothes can be a real nuisance. Something so simple to do yet can cause so much damage to your beloved garment. Have you found yourself pulling your hair out asking how do I remove bleach stains? 

Fortunately you have stumbled upon the right place, we have been removing bleach stains on clothes successfully for years with our dyeing services. To be completely honest, it is not that we actually remove bleach stains from your clothes, rather we dye them black. Let’s say you had a bleach stain on your favorite pair of jeans, you can send them to Dye Clothes Co. using our FREE SHIPPING labels both ways and we will dye your jeans black with black dye. We use the same dyes used by major brands and retailers. As a matter of fact our Parent company Metro Dyeing, LLC located in New York City dyes for major brands and fashion houses. 

If you would like to see if your dress, jeans, skirt, or garment with bleach stains can be dyed black to remove the bleach stains please take a moment and go through our online consultation.

The Global denim market consumes nearly 3 billion meters of denim annually. That confirms something we already knew, the world loves to wear jeans. Quite often people come too us with their worn out denim jeans that they have no interest in parting ways with. They ask what can be done and we say the best option to freshen them up is to dye them black. Having a nice new look to your oh-so comfy jeans that took you years to break in is just what the doctor ordered!