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Clothes Dyeing Service

Have you ever wondered what your clothes would look like dyed in a different color? Or maybe thought about restoring your clothes back to their original color because they have faded or need to fix bleach stains? How about looking for black dyes for jeans?

Dye Clothes co. is a professional clothes dyeing service located in New York City. We started out as a fabric dyeing company serving the busy New York City fashion houses and fashion brands. After New York Magazine voted us Best Garment Dyeing company in NYC we were flooded with demands to dye individual garments for the general public. After that we knew we were onto something special and unique, that is when Dye Clothes Co. was born! 

Dyeing clothes is what we do, in fact it is all we have done for the past 20 years! There are some restrictions and not all clothes can be dyed, but most of them can. We created an intuitive online consultation to go through step by step to see if your clothing articles would be good candidates for our clothes dyeing services.  

Once you have completed our online consultation you will be able to print FREE SHIPPING labels for both ways, and then leave the rest up to the pros, we treat every dress, pants, skirt, t shirt, jeans, and pretty much every garment imaginable with the same love and care.  Garments are returned pressed in a clear plastic bag just the same as your local dry cleaners.
Clothes are as common as food. Often people ask us if the clothing industry is big, our reply is simple, do you know anyone that doesn’t wear clothes? I guess there are still a few tribes around the world and perhaps the Aboriginal people in Australia, but most of the world wears clothes. Now that we have covered these simple but important statistics lets dig into the attachment people tend to have to their clothes. Like food, people love their clothes! The problem is clothes do not last forever, and that includes the coloring of the clothes.

When a garment is faded or stained that usually meant one thing, the inevitable, it was time to part ways with your beloved garment. That was until Dye Clothes Co. came along that is. Dyeing clothes is all we do. Wine stains? No problem! Want to dye your jeans black and freshen them up? We can do it!

Moving along, do you still have your wedding dress hanging in your closet? If you are like most of us chances are you do. Don’t you wish you could wear it to a special occasion and not look like a run-away bride? Well now you can. We dye wedding dresses in just about every color imaginable, and just like that you have re-purposed your dress to be a staple go to for the special occasion!